Muslim Baby Name for Letter I

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Ibad(عِبَاد) Unigender Muslim 88 | 21 View Details
Ibada(عِبَادَة) Unigender Muslim 90 | 22 View Details
Ihsan(إِحْسَان) Unigender Muslim 87 | 24 View Details
Ikram(إِكْرَام) Unigender Muslim 87 | 22 View Details
Iman(إِيْمَان) Unigender Muslim 75 | 21 View Details
Iqra(إِقْرَأ) Unigender Muslim 76 | 16 View Details
Isbah(إِصْبَاح) Unigender Muslim 78 | 20 View Details
Isha,Eisha(عِيْشَة) Unigender Muslim 74 | 14 View Details
Ishraq(إِشْرَاق) Unigender Muslim 77 | 18 View Details
Islah(إِصْلَاح) Unigender Muslim 74 | 24 View Details
Islam(إِسْلاَم) Unigender Muslim 77 | 21 View Details
Istighfar(إِسْتِغْفَار) Unigender Muslim 58 | 21 View Details

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