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Welcome to MBNM, your premier destination for discovering the meanings behind Muslim baby names. As we delve into names beginning with the letter "C," join us on a journey of exploration and significance in the world of Islamic names.

Why Meaning of Baby Name Is Important

In Islam, the selection of a baby's name is a momentous decision steeped in tradition and significance. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) emphasized the importance of choosing names with positive meanings, as they influence an individual's character and destiny. Understanding the meaning behind a name allows parents to bestow upon their child a sense of identity, purpose, and aspiration. It is a way to invoke blessings and virtues into the life of the newborn, shaping their path towards righteousness and fulfillment.

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At MBNM, we recognize the importance of this sacred endeavor and strive to provide a comprehensive platform for exploring Muslim baby names and their meanings. Our meticulously curated database offers a vast array of names, each accompanied by its rich significance, origin, and pronunciation. With our user-friendly interface and reliable information, we aim to empower parents in their quest to find the perfect name for their little one. Whether you seek traditional names rooted in Islamic history or modern choices reflecting contemporary values, MBNM is your trusted companion on this meaningful journey.


As you embark on the rewarding journey of selecting a Muslim baby name beginning with "C," let MBNM be your guide and source of inspiration. May the names you discover on our platform resonate with your hearts, symbolizing hope, faith, and blessings for your precious child. With our commitment to accuracy and reverence for tradition, we stand ready to assist you in this joyous endeavor, ensuring that every name you choose carries profound meaning and significance. Protection Status