Muslim Baby Name for Letter K

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Kalam(كَلَام) Unigender Muslim 77 | 16 View Details
Kanz(كَنْز) Unigender Muslim 73 | 22 View Details
Kashif(كَاشِف) Unigender Muslim 70 | 10 View Details
Kawkab(كَوْكَب) Unigender Muslim 68 | 16 View Details
Khalis(خَالِص) Unigender Muslim 39 | 11 View Details
Khayr(خَيْر) Unigender Muslim 37 | 8 View Details
Khilal(خِلاَل) Unigender Muslim 36 | 17 View Details

In the beautiful tapestry of cultures worldwide, the significance of a baby's name transcends mere identification it encapsulates heritage, values, and aspirations. Particularly in Muslim traditions, where names hold profound meanings, each chosen appellation carries a legacy of spiritual significance. Today, we delve into the rich repository of Muslim baby names beginning with the letter "K," exploring their profound meanings and cultural resonance.

Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important

A baby's name is not merely a label; it is a vessel of identity, a beacon of hope, and a legacy passed down through generations. In Islam, the selection of a name is a sacred act, reflecting beliefs, virtues, and aspirations for the child's future. The meanings behind these names carry deep significance, shaping the individual's character and destiny. Understanding the essence of a name cultivates a sense of connection to one's heritage and faith, fostering a profound sense of belonging and purpose.

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At MBNM, we recognize the sacred responsibility of naming a child and the significance it holds across diverse cultures be it Christian, Muslim, or Hindu traditions. Our platform offers a curated collection of baby names accompanied by their meanings, ensuring that parents embark on this meaningful journey equipped with knowledge and insight. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive database, we strive to make the process of selecting the perfect name an enriching and joyous experience. Whether you seek a name steeped in Islamic heritage, resonant with Christian symbolism, or reflective of Hindu culture, we are dedicated to facilitating your exploration with accuracy, authenticity, and reverence.


In the kaleidoscope of human diversity, the naming of a child is a sacred thread that binds past, present, and future. Across Christian, Muslim, and Hindu traditions, names carry the weight of history, culture, and faith, shaping individual identities and collective narratives. At MBNM, we are honored to be a part of this timeless journey, offering a gateway to the profound meanings and cultural significance embedded within each name. As you embark on this odyssey of discovery, may you find solace, inspiration, and joy in the cherished act of naming your precious bundle of joy. Protection Status